Omari Kaashif

Keyboards & Vocals

Omari Kaashif Johnson was born in Riverside, California and raised in the city of Moreno Valley. At a young age he had an interest in music, watching all the greats on tv and tuning into them on the radio, his father would play all types of music. Such as Micheal Jackson, James brown, Earth Wind & Fire etc. When Omari turned 6 he was given a guitar from his Uncle Mark. But he never got around to learning it, he was more into sports at the time. From a young childhood to his junior year of high school he participated in basketball, football, and track. He even played travel basketball, but during high school he lost interest in sports. From then on he made a decision to take a chance in music.

Growing up he was in and out of church so he got exposed to great musicians from the Inland Empire to Los Angeles. His older brother is a praise and worship leader, so he would take him with him and Omari would see teens his age playing all the instruments at church. That gave Omari the drive to become greater at his craft. The craft he chose was the piano and from there Omari was mentored by a pastor who was an amazing musician. This took place his junior year in high school and from there he began to take lessons from another great teacher by the name of Eleanor Graves.

After receiving her guidance, Omari decided to take a scholarship at a historical black college in Maryland. Where he gained more musical knowledge and new mentors. Omari graduated from college in 4 years and stayed in Maryland for another 2 years. Where he played in a band he started in college, they performed in DC every Friday. But eventually Omari knew he would have to move back to California. Now in 2016 he's back west and is building a name for himself as a producer, musician, and much more.