Connor Coram


Connor Coram is a Bassist/Composer, who has been working his craft for most of his life. Beginning at the age of the 7, he was involved in Piano and beginner music theory lessons. This developed his passion for music, leading him to pick up various instruments over the years such as Trumpet, The Ocarina and eventually his main instrument, the Bass guitar. After several years of various projects, he decided to relocate to Los Angeles to attend Musicians Institute in Hollywood. During his time at the school, he was involved with several bands such as Perceptionist, Jedediah Smith and Born for War. In his first few years, he was fortunate enough to meet with the bass company Artisan Bass Works, who endorses him with beautifully crafted bass guitars. After four years of work he first attained his Associates degree, and then finally his Bachelors degree. Towards the end of his time at M.I. He was introduced to the Funk/Rock group - Seventh Nova, that has become his new home.

On the other side of his life, Connor has been involved in several activities. When he was young he began his journey through Boy Scouts, which ended when he received the rank of Eagle Scout for his years of hard work. Running parallel to Boy Scouts, He also studied the Martial art of Tae-Kwon-Do, achieving a first degree black belt. Aside from these extra-curricular's, Connor is also an avid gamer, playing everything from console to PC games.